Maklumat Jabatan


Outcome Based Education (OBE)

The Main Programme Outcomes (PO) for APB UiTMPP:

By the end of the programme, students are able to
PO1. attain knowledge in their respective disciplines
PO2. communicate ideas effectively with fellow professionals and the community at large.
PO3. apply the principles of ethical behaviour and contribute positively to society.
PO4. understand and appreciate the linguistic demands of social and professional cross cultural settings in order to function in them.
PO5. function effectively in a team, as a leader as well as a member.
PO6. evaluate information critically.
PO7. undertake lifelong learning skills.
PO8. identify, analyse and solve problems effectively.

The Learning Outcomes (LO) for APB UiTMPP:

Students taking our courses are exposed to the following LOs under the MOHE Learning Outcomes:
LO1. Knowledge (PO1)
LO3. Social Skills & Responsibilities (PO4)
LO4. Values, Attitudes & Professionalism (PO3)
LO5. Communication, Leadership & Team Skills (PO2, PO5)
LO6. Problem Solving & Scientific Skills (PO8)
LO7. Information Management & Lifelong Learning Skills (PO6, PO7)

Kelab & Persatuan

  • i-Mechy
  • Pewani
  • MPP