The Advance Control System & Computing Research Group (ACSCRG), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM Pulau Pinang was formally established in December 2010 to spearhead research and consultancy in Intelligent Control Technique and Computing that related to Advanced Rehabilitation Engineering and Medical Imaging.

The research group is actively running the research work especially on the FES-Assisted Movement and Exercises, Hybrid Orthosis, Brainwave Signal Using EEG, Medical Image Segmentation, Noise Filtering, Sensor-based Activity Recognition, Artificial Intelligent and many more.



Chair : Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Zakaria Hussain
Vice Chair : Dr. Siti Noraini Sulaiman
Secretary 1 : Iza Sazanita Isa
Secretary 2 : Saiful Zaimy Yahaya
Treasurer : Abdul Rahim Ahmad
Active Members : Dr. Muhammad Khusairi Osman
    Rozan Boudville
    Dr. Mohd Faizal Abdul Rahman
    Dr. Fadzil Dato’ Ahmad
    Dr. Norhazimi Hamzah
    Dr. Mohd Halim Mohd Noor
    Adi Izhar Che Ani
    Khairul Azman Ahmad



1. FES-Assisted Movement
2. Knee Swinging Exercise
3. Elliptical Stepping Exercise
4. Rowing exercise
5. Body Supported Walking
6. Abdominal Stimulation
7. Hybrid Orthosis and Prosthesis
8. Brain Signal and Images
9. EEG x MRI and fMRI
10. Medical Imaging
11. Noise filtering
12. Image segmentation
13. Sensor-based Activity Recognition
14. Artificial Intelligent: (ANN, GA,PSO)



1. Department of Family Medicine, Medical Faculty, UKM Medical Centre Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (2011).

2. Rehabilitation Department, Medical Faculty, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (2012).

3. Department Of Neurosciences, The School of Medical Sciences of UniversitiSains Malaysia (USM), Kelantan (2014).



No. Main Researcher Project Name Completion Category Amount (RM)
1. Dr. Siti Noraini Sulaiman A Novel Random-valued Impulse Noise Removal Based on 1-Jul-2017   FRGS  67,700
    Adaptive Switching Filter and Local-preserving Scheme      
2. Rozan Boudville A Novel Neuroprostheses Control Algorith For Stroke Patients 1-Jul-2015  ERGS  100,000
    Lower Extremities Rehabilitation      
3. PM. Dr. Zakaria Hussain A Novel Hybrid Orthosis: Assisted Lower Extremities Movement 15-Apr-2015   FRGS  86,760
4. Iza Sazanita Isa An Alpha-Beta Stead-State Correlation Of 15-Oct-2014   FRGS  69,000
    Electroencephalographic(EEG) Power Spectral Density (PSD)      
    Brain Balancing      
5. Saiful Zaimy Yahaya A Novel Dynamic Algorithm for Functional Electrical Abdominal 1-Jan-2014   FRGS  64,000
6. Dr. Norhazimi Hamzah Robust Dynamic Control Allocation Algorithm of Yaw Dynamic Stability 1-Jul-2013   FRGS  78,000